Sunday, March 10, 2019

Welcome the Empress!

My apologies for the tardiness of this annual post, but it appears I have been lost in the womb of creation. The world shifted into a new energy in the new year, into 3 energy as depicted in the Empress Tarot Card.

My mantra as of late has been, 'Seek to understand, rather than to be understood'. Have you been asked to hold space and listen to another who has not felt heard in the last couple of months? Can you be a neutral receptacle, putting your 'stuff' aside? Rarely do people look for opinions, as they are aplenty. What people long for is affirmation, understanding, connection. We do not seek consensus, we seek to be seen. The lesson this year is to take care of the holy vessel you are and recognize your importance as a divine, neutral vessel of creation, who is sometimes called to do things that have nothing to do with you at all other than to just 'be'. Just 'be' at the right place at the right time, to just 'be' to lend a hand, or lend an ear. You might be the stranger on the bus who picks up a lost wallet or you might feel called to pass on a phone number that might change another's life for the better. You are the divine instrument in the dance of creation. Can you feel the rhythm? Can you feel the dance?

The Empress is the embodiment of ACTIVE FEMALE ENERGY. She has moved from self-care of the Magician and partnerships with the High Priestess and has moved her consciousness into active groups. Globally new associations, movements, foundations, organizations, will form. How ell do you work with others? Can you be the kind of leader who can also follow? Can you see yourself joining a group that can spark a global movement? Now is the time to pay attention to the waves of migration as they are beginning to form.

Goddess energy is creative, fertile, joyful and present. Do you love yourself? Are you comfortable in your body? Can you dance to the earth's rhythm in your day and in your dreams? Can you bow down and thank mother earth for her nourishment, protection, and support? All calls for respect of women and the earth will now be at their peak. Will you stand by or stand up?

The world will sit in contemplation in order to seek understanding, and the gift will be new, creative opportunities. New ways of working, eating, living, building, communicating, making art, dancing and praying. There will be an explosion of new patents and creations this year. This is the year of the inventor, the artist, the film maker, the poet, the entrepreneur, the scientist...and it go on. Maybe you will create a new recipe, write a new song, we are all in co-creation with spirit - let-it-flow.

We all sit with 'the mother' and give birth, and we should also remember to give thanks (our lesson from the Magician), as our gratitude is the seat of our abundance.

We will also be shown the burden of life and death cycles. Some are raised to sustain life while others are raised to destroy. If you are one who sustains and a hoarder of your belongings and ideas, I invite you to smash some flower pots, it is time to start anew. If you are a destroyer, I invite you to plant a seed and pay attention to the care and time that is required to nurture different parts of your life. An example would be a man who doesn’t respect his wife for staying home to raise the children. He thinks she does nothing all day. It might be time to take a week to walk in her shoes to see all the effort it takes to organize, nurture and care for others. Hopefully, globally, these gender stereotypes will be broken down as we seek to understand each other and creatively make changes.

If you are releasing sorrows, disappointments, losses, maybe for yourself, your circle of friends, you may also be clearing spiritually for the whole. If you find yourselves crying for the first time in a long time, seek support and self care techniques and know this is a healthy release and give thanks for your role in our collective growth and well being. If you are reading this, the message is an invitation to ask for the help you need if you are concerned about depression or something as simple as the act of courage to discuss your feeling. There are those who will feel called to be there for you to hold the space as you acknowledge the lesson, release, forgive and give thanks.

There will be sorrows this year and we will collectively grieve and mourn the habits, organizations, political movements, whose time has come to pass. ('But I don't want to give up my plastic straws!!') Cause the times they are a changin.

We are being asked to be patient, sometimes silent, to be nurturing of ourselves and each other, to walk in nature and connect with the divine feminine and mother earth. Sit in the warmth and support and walk in her footsteps and belly dance by her rivers. Cry her tears of joy and of grief. Close your eyes and know that you are love.

* I forgot to mention, this is a baby boom year. Take precautions; no glove no love.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Welcome the High Priestess!

Well hello...

It has almost been a year since I wrote my last tarot article. I hope you are well and thank-you for visiting or revisiting my blog. I am a bit stunned that this blog has received over a 1000 views in the past year since my last entry. Thank-you for your interest if you find yourself here.

Quick update, I personally, have joined a psychic/mediumship development circle to work on my ‘tools’ and my ‘scope’, and have made the intention to do a personal spiritual 'tune up', and have taken a pause from doing tarot reading for others. This doesn’t mean I haven’t occasionally when felt called to help, done a few readings. I am quite delighted and filled with gratitude and joy for allowing myself this ‘incubation’ period for growth, reflection, and allowing. 

I want to thank my friends and clients for their support and understanding during this time. 

I did feel today however to reach out and say hi and to welcome the new year with the strong message I’ve been receiving this year personally and in individual readings has been 'life cycle' or 'circle'.

If you are reading this now, the message is to look at your issue or query in terms of the cycle of life, plant a seed, give it sun, nourishment, protection from the elements. What do you need to consider for your growth and development? What has reached a completion in your life. Taking time to celebrate, and proper endings, and heralding new beginnings.

In this busy North American society, I can feel out of step, pushing, rushing, jumping into the new before the old has been cleaned up. I try to take my power back by celebrating the seasons (sun) and honouring the moon cycles.In order to have growth and manifest our highest good and selves, we need to honour the cycles of life.

As of 2018, the world went from a year 1 (The Magician) to a 2 year (The High Priestess). Last year we entered a new 9 cycle, and were forced as countries to clean up our own messes and our own financial and environmental health. No wonder a U.S. President was elected with a me first attitude, he knows he can’t get to 9 without being able to pay the rent. Last year was an excellent time to get into any pioneering as countries, new currencies, new technologies. Where will they be 8 years from now?

The world has now slid into 2 energies, passive female energy. No shit the women in the U.S. took over the Golden Globes (insert boob joke here), and wore black. This year women and men are being forced to face their subconscious desires and take responsibility for what they are manifesting. Partnerships, negotiations, mediations, and peace treaties will be forged. So soon Korea? There is the High Priestess at work.

Partnerships will be the focus for the world this year. Will the old allies stand up or fall? Countries will break treaties and forge new alliances.

Countries will feel ambitious in a 2 year, but not realizing all the hard work ahead. (Why can't we be more like Canada complex.)

This is the year for everyone as a whole to go into an incubated state of gestation, taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, as we are planting the seeds for manifestation 7 years from now. I am reminded of the Native wisdom of 'What kind of world do we want to leave to our children or 10th great grand children?' Can we breach healthy negotiations in our relationships towards a healthy and happy outcome for all involved? I invite you to sit with the High Priestess, take out your vision board and dream it so. *

Photo credit: J.C. by Ashley in 2006, Newmarket ON

* If you would like support in creating your own vision board, please visit my book review for 'Something More'.


Thursday, February 23, 2017


I can be slow to pick up on the subtleties of life on the best of days, when others are trying to get something across to me, and sometimes even slower when spirit is trying to communicate with me. Spirit usually starts small and the message gets louder and louder, until I feel like my guides are hitting me over the head with it.

I try to stay mindful, pray, clear and shield. I like to think I am a clear channel for spirit. I like to think I listen, and most importantly trust.I feel called to write this because I’ve been mulling over the times when don’t I listen, where are my blind spots, and how do I manifest a small whisper becoming a full-blown roar.

For some spirit 'speaks' to them through butterflies, others feathers. The Native community see spirit messages through animals, birds, and fish. Others see the star seed planets and orbits or auras. Wow.

There are the physical divination practices which invite spirit to work with you in a very specific way, like reading tea leaves, palms, the tarot, and pendulum.

Sometimes spirit will communicate with you in your dreams, through a stranger on the bus, and for me spirit likes to send me the messages through the art wall at Value Village (out of body experience, let me tell you).

Communication skills are challenging enough in our tech savvy world, never mind with ourselves, or neighbors or colleuges at work.  How do we begin to stay deliberate in our dance with the spirit world?

A friend of mine told me that he had not found any dimes recently, which are his sign from his brother. He then went on to say he has a rabbit on his front porch, mice at the cottage, and his girlfriend really, really wants a puppy. I asked him if he looks for signs ‘other’ than dimes, like animals trying to say hey! Pay attention to this! He thought I was nuts. So, it made me think, where am I not paying attention…what don’t I know? Just when I had things all figured out my guides told me…to pay attention and look again.

There is always room for improvement and practice when it comes to listening skills, on all levels and dimensions. 

If you are reading this article, the spirit message is to look for messages and signs where you wouldn't normally expect them, and seek out unexplored and unusual practioners you normally wouldn't go to, or pick up a book and try a new divination technique. 

Anyone and everyone can read tarot (tea leaves, palms, .....), especially you!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Journey Can Begin With A Single Card...

My relationship with the tarot began in high school, when I frequented my friend Lisa’s family home, for after-school girl talk. Her family kept a very large games closet, with shelves and shelves of every game you could think of. I drew ‘The Mythic Tarot’ box off the shelf one day, and laid out the cards according to the template already drawn on the black silk cloth. Every time I would go back to Lisa’s, I would ask to go back into the magical closet that contained ‘the cards’. I delighted in what they told me, as I remember they were a wonderful contribution to our long discussions and the guys using her basket ball net outside became less of an interest. She eventually gave them to me, as a result of my readings being so accurate and positive.

I would go on to read cards for myself, but then there were cottage get away weekends, requests from friends, and I would skip class at college to read cards for strangers. It had begun. I remember those early days fondly, when I consciously didn’t really know what I was doing. I remember telling someone to trust his girlfriend, and that just because the last one had cheated on him, it didn’t mean this one would. I thought she was sincere. Who was I to tell him that? How did I know that? All in the cards…really.

Since 1990 I’ve kept up my interest, my readings, taken classes and have used at most 15 different decks. Decks come into my life, and when I feel called to give them to someone else, I do. It is a common belief that someone has to ‘gift’ a deck to you. It has not been my personal experience, but it is a nice touch.

If the cards call to you, I invite anyone to pick up their own deck (or have someone gift one to you) and start exploring.